Time to change course

I’ve been reading the sober blogs for a while now.  Occasional comments, but mostly reading, collecting new blog titles, clicking…clicking…clicking.  But I have so much to say to nobody in particular, so I’ll say it to myself and maybe someone I care about will read it – or nobody.  Doesn’t matter really.  I’m on day 26. I have that app on my phone that tells me what day I’m on.  But I know without looking because I send a message to Belle every morning to tell her what day I’m on.  Yes, along with many, many others.  I took the 100 day challenge.  I will not stop at 100 days.  I’m in this for life.  I finally like my life, myself, and everyone around me.  I am getting to know myself and I like me now.  I have so much extra time to do what I want.  No more wasted energy on making empty promises to myself or planning for the evening’s intake.  Getting outside to talk to the neighbors, walk the dog, read a novel, shop after 7pm?  Wow..haven’t done that for awhile!

My next post might include a bit of history, but not much.  You all know the story.  It’s the same one for most of us.  No need to rehash the past.  Time to move forward.  Time to change course.



5 thoughts on “Time to change course

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I am brand new to this. Just decided this morning that I have to do give up. It’s a scary and lonely thought and I’m dreading it but it is something I really have and want to do. What is the app you mention to keep a track on the days? I’d really like to use that to track my progress. Now, back to reading all the inspirational stories.

    • Hi Jane, Thanks for following me! I really wish you well. I am at 189 days and feel amazing! I hope as you peruse the blogs out there, you will visit “Tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking” Belle is great and has a huge following. She has developed the “100 day challenge” that many of us are a part of. Best to read her blog from the beginning (there is a link to that at the top of her blog page). Again – best of luck to you in this journey. Trust meit is worth the effort. That stuff is poison!


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