A Little About Me

Just a bit of my history.  I’ll turn 60 next month and I am really excited about it.  Especially now that I have made this huge change in the course of my life.  I’ve been a 5pm well-functioning alcoholic for years now, although I never used the “A” word.  Even though I failed all of the online alcoholic tests, I never would give myself that title.  Anyway, I started with wine when I got home, another while making dinner, another with dinner, another while cleaning up, etc. etc.  Like most of you…I just couldn’t stop.  Didn’t want to stop – until the next morning.  I’d make that daily promise to stop, or cut back at least!

It’s just me and my husband now.  We are a very functional, happy family, happily married 34 years, with two grown girls living in other states and enjoying a good life.   

My 90 year-old mom lives close by and about three years ago she suffered an attack of pancreatitis (caused by alcohol I’m sure).  She had her martini’s each night since forever – with my dad before he passed.  I sat at her hospital bed and watch as my 87 year-old mom went through detox, hallucinating, pulling pieces of something out of the air.  She was so out of it – she had no idea she was doing this.  Well, once she recovered, the doctor insisted no more alcohol and she has stayed AF ever since.  I knew then that when I did quit drinking, I wanted it to be my decision.  

So here I am.  I made that decision.  I planned it out ahead of time; I drank all of the wine by Sunday, June 9, 2013; I ordered the audio tape “Alcohol Lied To Me;” I bought an app for my phone that kept track of days sober; and I found all of you online.  I felt armed with undeniable evidence that my life would be better.  So I just did it.  And, two weeks into it I attended an AA meeting and as we went around the room, I proclaimed, “My name is Trish, and I’m an alcoholic.”  I’ve never felt such relief.

And that’s my story…now let’s get on with our new lives. No more looking back.



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