No More Resolutions

Sitting with a group of close friends years ago, I remember us going around the room telling each other our new year’s resolutions. You know those lists of things to make us better people that will magically happen beginning on January 1st of each year. I remember something my friend Jan said. “I don’t make resolutions. If I want to change something about myself, I just do it.” Wow…that is strength. That is power. That is control over yourself. And she was being truthful. She really was able to do that. She never procrastinated. She always had this “calm” about her. I wanted to be like that.

Going AF is the biggest resolution I have accomplished since I quit smoking 30 years ago. Everything else seems so small and easy. Now I can be like Jan. If I want to change something, if I want to do something new…I’ll just do it. I feel strong.


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