My Saturday

I had a great day on Saturday. I normally start my Saturday with a work-out, but needed to re-arrange my day a bit. I was in need of a pedicure, in preparation for my two-week vacation in Italy. I love my monthly pedicures, but this one was different. Part of the reason I love my pedicures is because they give me all the free wine I want. I always scheduled it on a Sunday afternoon around 3:30pm. Thought it was a nice way to end the weekend. Someone rubbing my feet and sipping on a few glasses of Chardonnay. I always tipped well, thinking that it was worth it for the extra buzz I walked out with.

Well, this was my first pedi on a Saturday morning. Sipping orange juice and having someone rubbing my feet was really special. I watched this young girl methodically clip and shape and massage and wrap and polish….I watched the whole thing with a smile on my face. I was never concerned about my glass of Chardonnay getting emptier, watching for the girl with the towels that should be stopping to ask if I’d like a refill. No…I was enjoying every bit of my pedi and appreciating the skill of my pedicurist. I tipped her well.

I continued my Saturday with a visit to Mom. I took her grocery shopping and we enjoyed lunch together. Mom is 90 and she doesn’t know anything about my new sober life. I don’t need to bother her with details that will keep her up nights wondering how I could have gotten myself into such a situation. I seldom drank in front of her, so she needn’t know.

I then met my AA sponsor for coffee and a wonderful 2-hour conversation under an umbrella at Starbucks. She is 23 years sober and she was the first person I met at my first AA meeting. She has sponsored a few others. Some made it – others didn’t. I told her I hope I am low-maintenance for her. I planned to tell her that I wasn’t sure I was really getting much from the meetings. I am still on a pink cloud and feeling like everything is pretty easy right now. Instead, she encouraged me to attend more meetings. Find lunch meetings, Sunday morning meetings. Attend as many as I can. I was surprised by that but thought I’d try. She explained that the AA meetings are more than just sitting and listening. There is a huge learning experience there and commitment to the meetings is key. She certainly knows better than I – so I will follow her advise.

I ended my Saturday with a nice steak dinner at home with my husband. We leave for our dream vacation to Italy just two days from now. My gratitude journal is filling quickly.


2 thoughts on “My Saturday

  1. Love what your sponsor said – so very true. There is something intangible at the meetings – a vibe, and energy that goes beyond just sitting and listening. Which there is fine – I do that often. I often share. But the act of being there is a great thing. And you do absorb a lot.

    Sounded like a wonderful Saturday 🙂


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