Taking a Break

I’m taking a break from the blog for a couple of weeks. I’m taking a long-awaited vacation to Italy with my husband and good friends. My husband mentioned that I picked a bad time to quit drinking. Not because the wine would be so great to try over there, but because water is so much more expensive than wine in Italy! Ha! I’m really excited about traveling totally sober. I’ve never done that before and I will be able to experience (and remember) every minute of our trip. I’m anxious to wake up early and enjoy the beauty and go to bed late with a smile and clear head. Of the eight of us traveling together, four of us are non-drinkers, so I’m really not worried about triggers. I’m not sure what their stories are, perhaps they just don’t like alcohol. Perhaps they have a story just like mine. Doesn’t matter. I’ll continue to check all of your blogs and I’m anxious to read the newly published book by Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca “The Sober Revolution” that I’ve downloaded. I’ll count on your words of encouragement …just in case I have a visit from Wolfie.



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