Sober in Italy

Ciao!  I’ve returned from an amazing, two-week trip to Italy with my husband and six extremely close traveling companions (we are all brothers and sisters-in-law).  We walked the streets of Rome, Foligno, Florence and more.  I enjoyed the tastes, the sounds, the views – all while totally sober!  Those I left behind in the US were concerned about my ability to abstain, but I knew I would be fine.  I intentionally ended my relationship with alcohol two months before this long-awaited trip because I wanted to experience it totally sober.  Eight of us travelled together and six of the group enjoyed many, many bottles of wine.  Only one other was a non-drinker (and he never drank).  I just filled my glass with sparkling Pellegrino and clinked my toasts along with everyone else.

It was interesting that no one asked any questions of me.  These are all people that I have shared many glasses of wine with.  They must have wondered – but they didn’t ask.  My husband told me that his sister did mention something to him and he just said it was a personal choice I made.  Toward the end of the trip when she and I began to chat about all the wine that was consumed, she mentioned that she noticed I wasn’t drinking.  I then blurted it all out.  I just needed to share.  She was visibly surprised to learn I was not only abstaining from alcohol, but had admitted my alcoholism and was attending AA.  Probably too much sharing, but it felt good.  I couldn’t help but wonder who else on the trip might be helped by a few AA meetings.

I can honestly say it was one of the best vacations I can remember.  Not only because of the destination, but because my entire being was there in the midst of the history, charm and beauty of the amazing country of Italy.



One thought on “Sober in Italy

  1. Welcome back 🙂

    Glad things went well! I wonder how your sister-in-law took it all in…lol. We are under no obligation to share our journey, but I found that my family knowing helped me a lot in being honest and clear about things. It was a great relief!

    Anyway, amazing how we can have a wonderful trip without the booze – and remember it all in vivid memory!


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