Too Much Extra Time

There has been a common theme on the blogs lately about all the time we now have on our hands since we gave up the drink.  Time when we used to spend thinking about the wine, stopping to buy the wine, chilling, opening, pouring the wine, drinking the wine, thinking about pouring the next glass of wine, worrying about whether there is enough wine, etc. etc.  Now that all of that is gone, what on earth do we do with our time?  We think about not buying, not drinking, not worrying.  We read blogs about not drinking, we write blogs about not drinking, we count days, we attend meetings, etc. etc.


We fill our time checking off things on our bucket list.  Things we never had time to do before.  Things we want to learn to do, books we want to read, canvass we want to paint, sonatas we want to play, jewelry we want to make, fresh air we want to breathe, weight we want to lose, meals we want to prepare, etc. etc.Image

So, here’s my dilemma.  I keep acquiring stuff for new hobbies.  I start things and never finish.  I can’t seem to focus on one thing and do it well.  I’m so excited about having all this time that my mind won’t calm enough to enjoy it.  I’m procrastinating more than I ever have in my life! 

I’m not even close to wanting to ever drink again – I’m not worried about that.  But I’m running in circles.  I’m not sleeping well, I don’t feel well in the morning, and I’m not accomplishing anything.  



7 thoughts on “Too Much Extra Time

  1. Purpose and passion are interconnected. Ignite your purpose thru finding your passions. The real key to loving how you live, is in knowing what it is you truly love.
    Keep trying to “stay in the moment”, it takes practice for sure but you will then be able to keep the focus. Slow down, breathe deep and enjoy this day. Stay blessed _/l\_ jen

  2. Just discovered your blog from comments we both left on Belle’s blog. I don’t know where you are but we’re living parallel lives! I’m 61 (soon to be 62) on a 2 week vacation with my husband to the Outer Banks. (My bikini’s in the drawer, though I’m too chicken to wear it). Two grown children, boy, girl. They live close to us so I get to see my 3 granddaughters often. I have not discussed my alcoholism with them, though they know I’ve stopped drinking, I’m not ready to be honest with everyone…yet. I haven’t gone to AA yet, not sure I will. Chardonnay was a friend, but Sauvignon Blanc was my muse. I’m at 42 days and like you I am so grateful for not having too difficult a time so far. I wear my “fuck you wolfie”bracelet daily and have also ordered Belle’s Stay Here bracelet. Thank you for blogging, for saying what’s in my head and my heart. Keep going, you have a cyber sister following you now.

    • Sharon – It does sound as though we are living parallel lives! I’ve wondered if perhaps the reason I’m not having all of the problems giving up the drink is because of my age. Maybe I don’t have the same stress that the younger bloggers are bothered with – or maybe my physical being is kinder to me now. Maybe it’s the anti-depressants that I’ve been taking for the past 20+ years 🙂 (which is next on my list to give up). I’ve just received my Stay Here bracelet and it looks lovely next to “fuck you wolfie.” I hope you continue to do well – let’s stay in touch!


  3. I’ve also just discovered your blog and wanted to say that your comment and photo re acquiring lots of new hobby stuff made me chuckle. I’m 81 days sober and feel exactly the same way–I have so much more time now, and also so much more energy, that I’m itching for ways to spend it! (At one point in July it seemed like the best idea in the *entire world* to go out and purchase hundreds of dollars worth of canning and preserving equipment–fortunately I resisted, and I’m glad now that I did. 🙂 ) I think some of it is a fear of having too many empty spaces in my day (and that was definitely the case when I was very newly sober). But I also just feel more *curious* than I used to. And I love that.

  4. Just ralked ( I’m not totally up to jogging yet) to the Alicia Key’s song you blogged about. OMG, it’s so on the money, I felt like putting my fists in the air and doing a “Rocky” imitation for part of the run. So inspiring, thanks for the suggestion. I love it.
    50 days-I’m having a Key Lime Tart as my treat today. I’ll ralk longer tomorrow.

  5. Congratulations on 50 days Sharon! Glad you liked the song. I listen to it often. Yesterday I baked my very first pie from scratch. Can you imagine? 60 years old and making my first pie! I’ll have to post a photo of it soon. So proud of me! Hugs to you and keep on ralking!

    • Congrats on the pie, how was it? I’ve always tried to replicate my grandmother’s crust to no avail. Belle gave me some tips on bread baking, I’ve been trying for years to make a loaf worth eating. I usually give up and go to the bakery. So baking bread’s going to be my October project now that I have extra time. I really enjoy cooking, but if I do that as a long term project I’ll have more than 6 pounds to lose. I’m sure we’ll find something to do with our time.

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