Breaking Habits

An interesting phenomenon is happening in my home.  Being my first holiday season sober, I am realizing how many habits I had that included a wine glass.  It really didn’t matter what was inside the wine glass, but there was something about that glass that pulled on me.

Decorating the house for Christmas.  I always waited till 4 or 5 pm to begin, so that I could have a nice glass of wine with me, along with the holiday music of course.  This year, I decorated in the morning and it felt very odd.  I still had the music, and I filled a regular drinking glass with orange juice.  Something was “off.”  Yesterday I was cooking dinner and found myself longing for that wine glass (not the alcohol, just the glass).  I had some leftover sparkling grape juice from Thanksgiving, so I poured the rest of it into a stemless chardonney glass.  It looked like chardonney, and it almost reached the top (which was a typical pour for me).  I looked at it for a long time. It looked so familiar.  It tasted awful…like the boxed wine I used to pour.  I sipped on it while I cooked…remembering.  It felt comforting, and took the edge off.  It didn’t matter that there was no alcohol in the glass.  It was just about the glass.  Interesting.

I don’t want to be one of those sober people that drinks  AF liquid in a wine glass just to fit in.  No…the wine glass has to go.  That habit needs to go.  It’s weird.


3 thoughts on “Breaking Habits

  1. I completely understand the business about the glass.I have my tonic and lime or elderflower cordial out of a wine glass all the time. It’s more ceremony than anything. I know people frown on it but I like it, I don’t want to put anything alcoholic in it, it’s just a festive feeling. I guess I will be one of those sober people that drink from wine glasses, key word here is sober. So whatever works, I also agree that sparkling grape stuff is awful. First time I decorated the tree without alcohol, too. No drama, no broken ornaments. I didn’t finish the house until after 11, unheard of in my house, I was usually ready to pass out at 9. There are now so many more hours in the day to actually live!

  2. Ha ha…I have had this conversation with many folks, and I agree with you on this – the fancy stemware and all needs to go…back into the cabinet, or out of the house. That’s just me, though. I know some really enjoy it and all. I am not the arbitrator of what you drink out of. I know that for me, I felt that I was hanging on, in a strange way, by having juice out of a wine glass…it’s like I was mocking it up. (And I have nothing against mocktails. Not my cup of tea,but then again, I didn’t drink many cocktails when I did drink…ha ha) In the end, it’s up to the individual. I guess my question would be – why is it important to have it in a wine glass? What are the motives? Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill…that’s me…typical me. 🙂

  3. I can relate…it is a habit thing. Maybe I related the ‘reward’ of the drink with having a special crystal wine glass in my hand? I let go of the wine glass thing at a year sober. I packed them away. I say if the glass makes you feel special, then use them, if it tortures you about the old wine…then stop using them. Buy yourself another special kinda glass that you associate your new drinks in! 🙂

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