Six Months Sober

Yesterday I celebrated six months without guilt.  Yes, I have been sober for six months.  I didn’t celebrate six months without alcohol, but rather, six months without guilt.  I think that was the biggest emotion I felt while I was drinking.  Guilt that I was hiding a secret, guilt that I was out of control, guilt that I just couldn’t make a decision and stick with it.  

I remember feeling this emotion when I quit smoking 30 years ago.  It was so freeing.  At the time, I didn’t realize that alcohol had the same hold on me.  Drinking replaced smoking and I was so pleased with myself when I threw away the cigarettes that I didn’t realize I was just exchanging one poison for another.

Now both poisons are out of my system and I don’t believe I have any others to discard.  I’m a blank canvas now.  Free to make good, healthy decisions for myself.  It’s such a great feeling.  


7 thoughts on “Six Months Sober

  1. Congrats.

    Funny how similar this is to me – I stopped smoking in my early 20s, I realised I had crept up to a packet a day and it cost a lot and I realised it wasn’t healthy. I then joked about my drinking that I “needed to have one vice left” – hmmm took another 20 years to realise how much of a vice it really was in terms of it have a grip on me and it was crushing me

  2. Ditto, quit smoking 31 years ago when I got pregnant with my daughter. If they’d only warn against drinking like they do smoking maybe there wouldn’t be so many of us trying to stay sober. Good for you at 6 months, I’m not too far behind you. Guilt be gone!

  3. Congrats!! 6 months is a huge achievement. Guilt is such a huge part of the drinking roller coaster and it is so nice to be free of that, for sure. I’m still in my first month and relying on blogs like yours to keep me thinking positive about the future, so thank you!

  4. Congrats on six months! That’s fabulous! I wore guilt and shame light tight fitting and itchy winter sweaters and it was freeing to not have to deal with that anymore, once everything came out and I could be true to myself and to others. The toxins need not apply any more, as long as I stay vigilant to what works for me.



  5. Congratulations on your 6 months landmark. I can’t wait to be free of the guilt. I can feel it gnawing away at me. Can’t be doing me much good.

  6. Congrats on half a year!! That’s a long time! I agree with you…guilt-free living is the big gift we give ourselves! I don’t miss it at all. *sigh* Merry Christmas friend!

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