No Resolutions for Me

Each year the list would look the same.

1) Quit drinking
2) Increase exercise
3) Try acrylic painting
4) Cook healthy meals
5) Read more novels
6) Save money

Not this year. No resolutions this year.  I have checked #1 off the list and everything else fell into place.  I have the energy to exercise, I read (and remember) more novels, I do something new for myself each week.  I can’t think of a thing that I need to wait for January 1, 2014 to accomplish.  From now on, when I want to change something or try something new I don’t need to look at a calendar to schedule when it will happen.  I only have to do one thing every day for the rest of my life.  I need to remain sober.  After that…my world is open to all things new and great.

I hope you all have a very happy, sober new year!




6 thoughts on “No Resolutions for Me

  1. Trish,
    Where are you?
    You’re list is great. I only had the courage to put one thing on my list. So far I’ve sorta done well, but not perfect. But more importantly it keeps getting better. So for me that’s all that matters. I still in the game—today.

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