Still Here – Day 231

Hi all,

Well, I’ve written two paragraphs here and just deleted all of it.  It was boring, and a real downer.  So after reading it, I’ve realized a new direction I need to take.  I originally wrote all the reasons why I haven’t been writing lately.  None of it was at all interesting.  Love the delete key.

In the interest of keeping with my blog title “Changing Course Now,” it’s time to choose a change of direction.  I’ve realized that my lack of motivation to write to all of you for a few weeks is directly related to my lack of interest in joining groups.  I tend to shy away from any group.  Co-workers, Sunday school participants, neighbors, family members.  I just find it easier to be by myself.  No pressure, no drama, no expectations.  I have a wonderful husband who does the obligatory social stuff for us.  I sit back and watch as others enjoy small talk and share stories of things I don’t find interesting.

So here we go…I’m going to challenge myself to join in.  I guess I’ll start with all of you, since we have so much in common!  And, since we are basically anonymous to each other, I can tell you stuff I wouldn’t normally tell others.  If you’re bored with me – find that delete key.  But I’m going to try to write at least once a week.  I’ll also try to continue my AA meetings (even though I’ve become bored with them).  A new exercise group is on the list as well.

So wish me luck… this is a big change for me.

Hugs to all of you!




5 thoughts on “Still Here – Day 231

  1. I’m with you, bored, bored, bored. I think it’s the winter. I stop babysitting Feb 1st and signed up for Pilates. Need to get off my ass and start moving. Saw Walter Mitty movie and want to do something with what’s left of my life, maybe not go to Iceland, but something new. And, you can always talk to fellow sober bloggers, they get us, they listen and they’re good people.

  2. You for you.

    You know I’ve been up and down with AA in all my time in it but somehow I’ve never stopped going. If I don’t like the meetings I know it is me that is the problem not the meetings – it works, the years of sobriety I see around me at them is proof to that. If I don’t like what someone is saying am I being the judgemental one? Am I not seeing it from their point of view etc.

    Good luck and look forward to reading more

  3. can totally relate to the husband who does the social stuff, I’d rather be home reading 🙂 Good luck on the joining in, I’m in the smae boat and am excited to hear how it goes for you!

  4. I, for one, have enjoyed reading your blog. I also appreciate that you are honest enough to say how you really feel. I went to a SMART group meeting a few weeks ago and although everyone was really welcoming and it felt good to be part of a group for even an hour or so, I didn’t go back because I just didn’t feel like it was a great fit. I get a lot of strength from all these blogs, including yours:)

    • Thanks for reading my blog! It’s funny…when I return home from an AA meeting, I think I probably won’t go back, the atmosphere just isn’t very uplifting. But for some reason, when Monday afternoon comes along, I feel pulled to go. Maybe it’s just because I have this one thing in common with them.

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