I Can Retire Because I Don’t Drink

It’s true. I’ve just realized I can retire on June 30, 2014 because I don’t drink.  If I still drank, I would need to continue to work to support that $100/week habit.  I certainly couldn’t ask my husband to pay for my wine.  No sir, I would need to be gainfully employed to be able to buy that expensive poison that made me feel like shit every day.  There is no other reason why I would need to continue to work. I’m not quite eligible for my pension benefits yet (those would cover the wine expense), so I would have needed to work one more year before they kick in.  But since I don’t drink anymore (357 days sober today), I don’t need to go to that lonely office and sit in front of a computer all day long.  I have enough money saved in my piggy bank to buy my mascara.  I will live the simple life this year.  I don’t need to shop to be happy.  I’ve become a ferocious reader and the library is filled with books I haven’t read.  I have a bike, and tennis shoes, and gardening gloves, and a kitchen with lots of non-stick pans that want to be filled with yummy new recipes. I have a piano with loads of sheet music I have yet to master.  I look forward to a year without buying something I don’t need (and that is everything except that mascara I mentioned).  



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