One Year…One Awesome Year


I’m so grateful to be celebrating my one year soberversary today that I made this cake.  And so very thankful for all of you supportive bloggers who have led my way.  I’ll celebrate this evening by taking cake to a women-only AA meeting.  I haven’t been there for months, but I need to celebrate with people that know why it’s a celebration.  People that get it.  My husband is out of town and my daughters live out of state and it would be weird to take cake to the neighbor.  She’s sweet, but she doesn’t really get it.  You all get it…but you don’t live here so I’m going to take cake to those nice ladies that sit around a metal table in a grungy back room of the church.  And I’m going to get my chip and they will all hug me and we will celebrate!  Then I’m going to come home and delete that app that keeps counting the days since I had my last drink.



13 thoughts on “One Year…One Awesome Year

  1. Yeah you. Celebrate, celebrate. Wish I was close we could have a big party. Hugs to you my friend. When are you coming to Chicago? Oh, you guessed wrong, I’m not getting a Harley. I’m awfully afraid of motorcycles! What kind of fabulous jewelry are you getting yourself to celebrate!!!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy the cake and the feeling of joy and accomplishment! Looking forward to getting there, but i have to take a day at a time and enjoy each sober day

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