I Found All The Happy Sober Women…and Gents!

Ahhh…the relief! I found them. I walked into the room and they were all milling about, hugging, smiling, laughing. A whole room full of them. Men, women, young, old, stylish, messed up, tall, and short. All smiling. The meeting started and the moderator asked if there were any new visitors to the group that would like to say hello. I raised my hand and said, “Hello!” They all laughed (about 50 people laughed!) I continued to introduce myself and mentioned that I had been looking for a group with happy sober people…I think I found it. They all laughed again and welcomed me. I was surrounded at the end of the meeting with smiles and welcomes. Goodbye cranky sober groups.

One thing that really stood out to me during that meeting. I looked around the room and found a great many people holding on to well-worn, dog-eared copies of the big book, daily devotionals, and other sober-related materials. These are hard-core AA members who take the 12 steps seriously. All conversations were related to their continued study and hard work to stay sober (no mother-in-law or ex-husband bashing as I am used to hearing). They talked a lot about their spiritual journey – no matter they personal faith. I felt a bit like a transfer student from another high school that needed to catch up.

So, I’m catching up. I’m breaking the binding on my brand new big book so I can be part of the conversation too.

Hugs to you all!