Sobriety Is My Gift To Me

I am celebrating two years of sobriety today.  It is not just two years on the calendar that thrill me, but more importantly it’s about 730 bottles of wine I have not ingested since June 9, 2013.  And its not just the alcohol, sugar, and calories I’ve avoided. What matters most to me is that my mind has been clear for two years.  My speech has not slurred for two years; I have not felt guilt for two years; I have been able to be the designated driver, sleep through the night, and save thousands of dollars for two years. No sneaking, no hiding, no liquor stores, no fear of killing someone on the road for two years now.

The gift I have given myself is total control of my life.  I now have no addictions.  I quit sucking my thumb when I was six (that was hard).  I quit smoking when I was 30, and I quit drinking when I turned 60.  I have no addictions.  Zero addictions.  I have total control over what I say, do, eat, and drink.  It’s an amazing feeling.  I will never drink alcohol again…ever.   I like making that statement.  I needed to make this a life style change, not a temporary promise.  It’s a gift I gave to me.  I deserve it.

Love and best wishes to all who are and wish to be free of addictions!

13 thoughts on “Sobriety Is My Gift To Me

  1. Congrats on the two years – what a brilliant achievement.
    Never thought of counting it in drinks not consumed…. hmm…
    Given I largely drank pints of Guinness and regularly my daily intake was let us say around an average of 8 – 10 a day (say 9) I’m about 4030 days sober so that is 36,270!!! Holy moly. More incredible is I mostly drank in pubs and say the price over that time would be about say £2.60 probably an underestimate but that is over £94,000!!! Really!
    I stopped smoking in my 20s, drinking in my 40s but I still have little addictions – they don’t harm me so I’ll live with them

    • Yes, it’s pretty scary when you add it all up. Just trying to get back to the natural self that God intended. It’s quite freeing. Thanks for your comment. Wow 4030 days…congrats to you! Ps. When do we get to stop counting?

  2. The day you celebrated 2 years was the same day I began my journey at Day 1. Congratulations on your huge achievement. Love the wine bottle statistic. So far, I have not drunk about 10 bottles. Wow! And I completely agree – the Guilt (and Shame!) are what I am most grateful about leaving behind.

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