Feeling Funky

Haven’t been posting, haven’t been reading. Just moving through life collecting hobbies, unnecessary trinkets, drinking too much coffee, and enduring the summer heat. My three year sobriety anniversary passed without too much fanfare, and sparkling water is my drink of choice.

I don’t think much about my addiction to wine. I never, ever crave it. Never miss it. And have no problem being around it.

What I do miss is my personality. I miss the excitement of the party and the anticipation of joining others for drinks and dinner. The conversations, the laughter, the party atmosphere.

Lately I just want to be home with my husband and my dog. I want to watch Fox News Network and listen to Hillary and the Donald and try to imagine the world with either one of them in charge. I don’t want to go out to dinner. I want to be home with the grill and a couple of burgers. I want to go to bed at 9.

I’m in a funk and although I try to do all the right things to get out of it, it still lingers. No, I’m not depressed. I’ve been on Prozac for 20 some years now, so it’s not that. I’m just in a funk and I’m sure it will pass.

When the weather cools, I’ll move back outside and enjoy the breeze. When August comes, I’ll enjoy the company of my children and grandchildren on our annual vacation. When my hair gets longer, I’ll stop complaining about that “in between stage.” It will pass – I’m sure of it.