Feeling Lean and Mean

My hubby and I went to our weekly workout with our personal trainer, Jack.  We’ve been with him for about 7 years now.  He’s an awesome trainer and has become a good friend.  Today he became a better friend when he looked me over and complimented me on my lean physique.  He mentioned that. along with our workout, my twice-per-week pilates is really showing and he’s so proud of me!  Also complimented me on my new, short and sassy haircut.  I can always count on Jack to notice when I’ve changed the color or cut of my hair (which I do quite often).  That is usually how my husband finds out I’ve had a change in style – when he hears Jack mention it!   Well, anyway, I strutted out of the gym like a peacock this morning, flexing my 61 year-old self.  Retirement has allowed me the time to take brisk walks in the morning, hike up and down my staircase several times a day, practice pilates twice per week, and look longingly at a dusty bowflex machine upstairs.  I do need to dust that thing off – and maybe pull on a couple of bars.  It’s just a matter of getting started – like anything, getting started is the hard part right?  Getting started requires a plan.  Setting a date on the calendar.  Promising yourself to give it a try.  And once you try it – you might really like it!

Time to change course

I’ve been reading the sober blogs for a while now.  Occasional comments, but mostly reading, collecting new blog titles, clicking…clicking…clicking.  But I have so much to say to nobody in particular, so I’ll say it to myself and maybe someone I care about will read it – or nobody.  Doesn’t matter really.  I’m on day 26. I have that app on my phone that tells me what day I’m on.  But I know without looking because I send a message to Belle every morning to tell her what day I’m on.  Yes, along with many, many others.  I took the 100 day challenge.  I will not stop at 100 days.  I’m in this for life.  I finally like my life, myself, and everyone around me.  I am getting to know myself and I like me now.  I have so much extra time to do what I want.  No more wasted energy on making empty promises to myself or planning for the evening’s intake.  Getting outside to talk to the neighbors, walk the dog, read a novel, shop after 7pm?  Wow..haven’t done that for awhile!

My next post might include a bit of history, but not much.  You all know the story.  It’s the same one for most of us.  No need to rehash the past.  Time to move forward.  Time to change course.