Christmas Party

Just received a comment from Alimoll and it reminded me that I have not posted in a very long time. Thought I drop a note before I begin the routine of preparing my face for tonight’s Christmas party. It’s the first one of the season for me, and although I’d prefer to stay home in my jammies with a cup of hot cocoa and a night of Netflix, I don’t dread this party like I have in the past. I won’t need to worry about drinking too much and talking with a thick tongue, I won’t be concerned about how to continue to top off my glass without calling attention to myself…or spilling the chardonnay on myself and others. All of that would be so embarrassing. Especially with this group. It is my church choir party – and Presbyterians don’t drink like that. At least not in the bible belt where I live. I thank God each night that I made the decision to NEVER drink the poison again on June 9, 2013. Gonna be five years soon. Amazing. I don’t have the exact number any more because my app won’t update to work with iOS11 and I can no longer open it. But I really don’t care. My new favorite beverage is cold water and I can sip it or gulp it depending on my thirst. I can get it anywhere for free and it has no calories. I can drink it early in the morning without causing alarm from my loved ones and continue to drink it all day long with no lasting effects. I can drive to Target at 7 in the evening and drink it in the car at a stop sign even when a cop pulls up next to me. I can just smile at him and hold it up for him/her to see. I could embellish it with lemon or lime or cucumber or other weird things, but I prefer plain cold water. So tonight at the party, I’ll go right for the water and enjoy the company and the singing and the merriment. I hope you all enjoy a holiday season free of stress, hangovers, embarrassment, and all the other ailments that accompany the poison of alcohol. Have yourself a nice cold glass of water and enjoy the season!