Physical Changes

I’m so psyched about being a non-drinker.  It is so new for me and my pink cloud is still holding me up on day 35.  Already, I have lost 9 pounds, my skin is brighter and fresher, I am growing out my hair after keeping very short for so many years.  And I bought myself a bikini.   Yes, I’ll be 60 years old in 3 weeks and I bought my first bikini since I was 17.  I’m not saying I look like I should wear a bikini – I probably shouldn’t.  But I think I look pretty damn good and that’s what matters.  I probably won’t wear it in public though.  I love waking up each morning guilt-free.  Sometimes I need to remind myself when I wake that I have nothing to feel guilty about. Such an odd feeling.  So much to feel grateful for.  Thanks to all of you, my sober cyber friends for helping me get to this  wonderful place in my life!


2 thoughts on “Physical Changes

  1. Hi, I know you wrote this particular post nearly four years ago. But I’m wondering what treats you gave yourself when you were newly sober. You said that you had already lost 9 lbs and you were on day 35. I am on day 24 and not feeling any smaller, but I have also not stepped on the scale to check it out. I have just been focusing on staying sober, taking care of myself, and giving myself treats. I have been allowing myself desserts that I used to not eat, but I was drinking a bottle of wine instead. Did you lose the weight and eat what you wanted?
    I am enjoying reading your posts. You are very positive.

  2. Hi Me Without, First, congratulations on day 25! That is almost a month and you are well on your way to a wonderful alcohol free life . Free of that damned monster sitting on your shoulder. I don’t really recall giving myself particular treats. Just waking up without a headache was a real treat for me. Water is my drink of choice now. I feel I gave myself a huge gift when I gave up the wine – guess that was my treat. The extra cash in my wallet allowed me to pick up a trinket now and then and I would remind myself how I came upon that extra money. I think the weight I lost was due to the amount of sugar I no longer ingested. I’ve never been a big eater, so when the weight melted off it was a nice surprise. Feeling newly healthy, well-rested, and invigorated turned into regular exercise. Sort of a snowball effect. No more sitting in front of the tv with a wine glass. When I was drinking – I had no sugar cravings. I would pass on desserts in favor of the wine. I believe my body rebelled a bit at the sudden drop in sugar levels (since wine has so much sugar!) so I found a new craving for sweets. I have subdued that craving with sugar-free vanilla wafers. My new addiction.

    I must admit I always have alcohol free wine in the house for that special dinner, or to have when friends might drop by. I might have one small glass and after that I am fine with water. Some might not think that’s a good idea – but it just pleases me.

    Thanks for reading my posts – I haven’t written in awhile. Perhaps I’ll do a few updates soon. Best of luck to you! Keep reading the blogs – they were really helpful to me.


    ps: just checked my day timer. I’m now on day 1398!

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